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VAE 2014-15 concert dates are as follows:
• Nov. 8
• Dec. 13-14
• Jan. 31-Feb. 1
• March 28-29 (Palm Sunday)

Dates and repertoire are subject to change.

About our upcoming season...VAE Music Director Craig Hella Johnson, entering his second season, has planned a diverse series of four concerts – in November, December, January and March – culminating with J. S. Bach's epic St. Matthew Passion, in which VAE members will serve as aria soloists. Reviewing a performance of St. Matthew Passion led by Johnson, Michael Greenberg of the San Antonio Express-News wrote: "A full 24 hours after it was over, it was still with me – a fleet, magisterial account, conducted with total authority and sweeping sense of line by Craig Hella Johnson."



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